The Journey to Salvation

This will be a study series on Yeshua’s journey to provide us Salvation.

  1. Lazarus Raised
  2. The plot to kill Yeshua
  3. Anointing Yeshua’s Feet for Burial
  4. Yeshua on the donkey
  5. Yeshua’s Last Teachings
  6. Yeshua’s Last Supper
  7. Yeshua’s Prayer
  8. Yeshua’s Arrest
  9. Yeshua’s Trial
  10. Yeshua’s Death
  11. Yeshua’s Resurrection
  12. Yeshua’s Ascension into Heaven
  13. Receiving the Set-Apart Spirit

Links will be added to these studies as each has been finalized. The list may be updated as the study continues through this festive season of Passover.

We will be jotting down events as we continue in this study.


Until next time.